6A23 and Above Global Sales Production Contest

Reach 20,000 units Monthly

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6A23 and Above Global Sales Production Contest

This contest is open to distributors 6A2-3 and Above for their monthly group sales.

  1. Any conduct constituting a violation of the Enagic P&P will automatically disqualify the distributor for the contest.
  2. Contest results will be calculated at the end of the following month and announced the month after that.
  3. Intermediate results will be announced during the contest.
  4. Judges will need time to go over sales content carefully for Final Results.
  5. Interim results and Final results may vary greatly.
  6. Prize money will be awarded in the middle of the month that final results have been announced.

[1] Group sales units will be calculated as follows:

Machine x 1
UkonDD x 1/3
E8PA Bronze Card x 1/2
E8PA Crystal Card x 1/2
  1. Cancellations and Tokurei orders will not count.
  2. Sales under any downline that is of equal or higher rank will not count.
  3. E-Payments will also be counted.

[2] The calculated results above will be multiplied according to distributor rank as follows:

6A23: x 8
6A24: x 4
6A25: x 2
6A26: x 1


6A23 distributor:
Machine 300 units UkonDD 60 units E8PA Bronze 30 units

  1. Machine(300x1)+UkonDD(60x1/3)+E8PA Bronze Card(30x1/2)=335
  2. 335x8(6A23)=2680

Only one account with the best results will count for distributors 6A2-3 and above, who have more than one Enagic ID.

[3] Contest Ranking and Award

1st: US$20,000
2nd: US$18,000
3rd: US$17,000
4th: US$16,000
5th: US$15,000
6th: US$14,000
7th: US$13,000
8th: US$12,000
  1. The top eight (8) results will be awarded.

Contests are subjected to change.

For more information, please contact your corresponding branch.